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Getting started with Syla
Getting started with Syla

Easily solve your crypto tax with our beginner's guide to Syla. Stay compliant and stress-free.

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Syla has been designed to make sorting out your crypto tax simple and easy. There are 3 high-level steps to getting your crypto tax sorted in Syla.

  1. Add your data sources

  2. Review your transactions

  3. Download your tax report

Add your Data Sources

Adding your exchanges, wallets and other crypto platforms is easy in Syla.

  1. Navigate to the Data Sources pages.

  2. Click the Add Data Source button in the top right.

  3. Start typing in your exchange or wallet in the search bar.

  4. Select the Data Source you want to add.

  5. Choose between the supported import methods.

  6. Follow the instructions for your Data Source to complete the import.

Note: If you can't find your Data Source in Syla, then reach out to our support through the in-app chat.

Read about the different types of import methods available here.

Review your transactions

Once your transactions have been imported, you can review your transactions to ensure they are correct and make any edits as required.

  1. Navigate to the Transactions page.

  2. Click on any transaction to open up the Detailed transaction view

Tip: Use the filter options to narrow down your search when you have a lot of transactions.

Detailed transaction view

The detailed transaction view will show you everything you need to know about a transaction.

  • Each change in balance caused by the transaction

  • The resulting portfolio and location balances

  • The tax outcomes associated with the transaction

You can also edit and re-classify the transaction if needed.

Download your crypto tax report

Once you're happy with all your transactions, you can download your crypto tax report.

  1. Navigate to the Tax Reports page.

  2. Upgrade to a paid subscription if you don't already have one.

  3. Download your Crypto Tax Report PDF.

Give your tax report to your accountant or use yourself

Your Crypto Tax Report can either be provided to your tax accountant, or follow our self-lodging guide if you're lodging your own tax return.

Everything in your report has been neatly categorised into the different types of assessable income in Australia, making it easy for your tax return to be completed.

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